Steven F Kubitschek Residential Design 925.254.2167 Background Designing homes has been a lifelong passion for Steven Kubitschek, and he has had his own Residential Design firm since 1980. Steven has designed many different styles of homes all over the country, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, and even the Cayman Islands. In 1985 he began designing homes in California, and in 1987 moved permanently to The Bay Area. The inspiration for a design comes from his experience of working in different regions of the country and he has also traveled extensively. This has allowed Steven to see design solutions in many different ways.  Inspiration for a new home or for remodels may come from the location or the topography of the lot, its views, trees, exposure, and the desires of the client.   Of utmost importance is livability and flow of a home. Whether it is a new home or remodel, the correct layout must be diligently considered. Once that has been mastered in the design, the look and style of the exterior is considered. Steven has had extensive experience designing and remodeling homes on lots that are considered to be difficult. He also has a lot of experience going through the approval process with design review boards.  He was appointed to a task force by The Orinda City Council to explore the design and review process and make recommendations for streamlining the approval process. This has proven to be invaluable in understanding these processes in all communities. He has also been given awards for Design Excellence in both The City of Orinda and The Town of Danville. Steven has had experience as well with doing historical renovations. He has had his hand in taking a home with historical significance and renovating it to maintain the original design integrity and charm, yet make it a home that is current in its use and livability.